The resort village is famous for its crystal clear water and fine sea sand along its golden beach strips.

The central beach is 600 meters long and over 70 meters wide in its widest part. The sand is golden and clean and the sea bottom is even, with gradually increasing depth – safe for children and enjoyable for water games and entertainment.

The small beach of Lozenets is a favorite of many tourists not only because it is very beautiful but also because here there are rarely large waves and the water is warm and clear. The beach of Oasis is 450 meters long, in some parts it is over 100 meters wide and is set with high sand dunes.

хотели село Лозенец до плажа

The measurements show that the sea water in the resort village is the purest along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, and the presence of useful microelements such as magnesium, calcium, iodine, bromine and others is highly appreciated by professionals from around the world.

Typical for the area around Lozenets is the presence of numerous small and sheltered beaches, where you can spend time with your spouse  in a romantic atmosphere, undisturbed by other tourists. There are also great opportunities for water sports – there are several exceptionally good surf and kite surfing schools, and the more experienced guests can rent a jet or catamaran and enjoy the unique sea sensations.

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