“Emberli” is the old name of Lozenets and translated from Turkish it means a variety of grapes grown in these areas in the past. Until recently Lozenets was a quiet village on the Sea coast, which was filled with Bulgarian tourists only in July and August. In recent times the place became a favorite of the Bulgarian holidaymakers living in the big cities from the interior of the country, who found here pleasures and opportunities for rest and relaxation, which are rarely found in other places. Many new luxury hotels and great restaurants have been found. A very friendly atmosphere reigns here wherever you go. The beach is wide and has nice, golden sand. The summer days are hot and long and the sunny days are more than those in the places and resorts located in the north – something typical for the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The sea water is warm and clean and at the northern end of the beach there is a beautiful cape with numerous rocks around.

Typical for the area around Lozenets is the presence of numerous small and sheltered beaches, where you can spend time with your spouse  in a romantic atmosphere, undisturbed by other tourists. In Lozenets there are also great opportunities for water sports – there are some exceptionally good surf and kite surfing schools, and the more experienced guests can hire a jet or catamaran and enjoy unique sea sensations. The typical features of Lozenets are the good restaurants and bars with the iconic “By the Way”, the beach Bar “Mood”, “Chocolate” and others. The most successful metropolitan restaurants have their summer version namely in Lozenets, which guarantees a pleasant time and a good party atmosphere. At the same time Lozenets has maintained its status of non-commercial beach resort with preserved nature and tranquility, advantages that you will not find in any of the neighboring resorts.

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